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Motorama 2023 Event Write-Up

Fight Videos All of Gimli’s fights can be found here.However, I won’t be doing a recap video on PĂșca and Son of Kram. They didn’t do too well and I don’t have the time. But I will cover what happened in their fights in this write-up. Gimli So the first day of Motorama…

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Introducing Puca, a 4WD Drum Spinner!

Background Puca is my take on an uber-competitive try-hard Beetleweight. Those of you familiar with my Hobbyweight Son of Kram will notice that’s nearly identical in everything except size! (And of course the drum isn’t a stack, but more on that later). Due to SOK’s success in previous event, it seemed like a good place…

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Mega Smol Hubs

The goal of this side-quest was to come up with a light-weight solution for a pulleyed wheel hub that can accept the 6mm D-shaft of FingerTech’s Mega Spark motors. The first idea to come to mind would be to of course use FT’s Twist Hubs and Timing Pulleys together, but this solution is heavy and…

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