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Note: This archive is incomplete. I am slowly moving all of my Facebook posts to this site. More and more will be added over time.

Cheap Gum Rubber at Home Depot

So while doing some shower repair work, I learned that having a grout float would make the process much easier. Upon buying one, I noticed that they’re made out of gum rubber, the same material I make my robot wheels out of. For only $8, you get a nice 235mm x 100m slab of 15mm…

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Motorama 2023 Event Write-Up

Fight Videos All of Gimli’s fights can be found here.However, I won’t be doing a recap video on Púca and Son of Kram. They didn’t do too well and I don’t have the time. But I will cover what happened in their fights in this write-up. Gimli So the first day of Motorama…

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Introducing Puca, a 4WD Drum Spinner!

Background Puca is my take on an uber-competitive try-hard Beetleweight. Those of you familiar with my Hobbyweight Son of Kram will notice that’s nearly identical in everything except size! (And of course the drum isn’t a stack, but more on that later). Due to SOK’s success in previous event, it seemed like a good place…

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Mega Smol Hubs

The goal of this side-quest was to come up with a light-weight solution for a pulleyed wheel hub that can accept the 6mm D-shaft of FingerTech’s Mega Spark motors. The first idea to come to mind would be to of course use FT’s Twist Hubs and Timing Pulleys together, but this solution is heavy and…

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Banshee Battle Tunes

Hello Banshee fans! Looking for some new tunes? We have a Spotify playlist dedicated to the bot! In this playlist, you’ll find some heavy banshee-themed tracks, some of David Small’s favorite folk metal songs, and a handful of other metal songs that embody the spirit of everyone’s favorite screaming ghost lady. I’m always looking for…

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Morag, a 30lb Full Combat Pneumatic Flipper

We start with the custom ram I designed to handle the 900+ psi pressure of the robot’s HPA system. The ram and the buffer tank were hydotested to 150% its operating pressure to ensure safe use. Previous Next Adding the keyways to the BaneBots hubs Previous Next The black piece is the base of the…

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