Morag, a 30lb Full Combat Pneumatic Flipper

We start with the custom ram I designed to handle the 900+ psi pressure of the robot’s HPA system. The ram and the buffer tank were hydotested to 150% its operating pressure to ensure safe use.

Adding the keyways to the BaneBots hubs

The black piece is the base of the piston inside of the ram. It was just a little too big and was too fight to fit in the ram’s bore. I don’t have a lathe, so the solution was to 3d print some hubs for it and spin it in my drill press. Then 2 blocks of wood with sandpaper were pressed against the assembly as it spun to shrink it down.

Parts arriving from BigBlueSaw finally. When I placed my order I got an email saying the parts may be delayed a day or 2. They ended up being delayed about 1.5 weeks. (One of many major delays this robot would face) Really not impressed with them. Any waterjetting I get done in the future will most likely get done at local place nearby.

Time to tap the buffer tank to use a 1/2 npt fittin. This was done with a giant tap, a vice, 2 strap wrenches, and a dream. Kinda sketch, but it passed hydrostatic testing still 😛

Pretendoboting with Morags big stupid ugly frame.

Now with 100% more ram!

Top plates added. Note how literally nothing fits. The biggest nightmare of this robot how nothing jigsawed together properly. This led to days and days of doing nothing but grinding, sanding, and taping.

Drilling and taping the rails.

Time for the drive system. The drive uses BaneBots P60 gearboxes lubed up with Mobil 1 synthetic grease. A massive Tekin ROC 412 HD inrunner is then bolted onto the gearboxes. Tekin RX4 sensored ESC’s controlled the motors. A chain is ran from the rear to the front to drive the front wheels.

Drive test! This thing HAULS.

Pneumatics. Yayyyy. Morag uses a 45 cubic inch 4500psi Ninja paintball tank as it’s main air source. This then gets regulated down to 900psi with a Ninja regulator. A 26 cubic inch tank is used for a buffer tank. The main valve is a 1/2 NPT Dema 1200psi solenoid. There’s also a 1000psi over pressure valve just in case there is a regulator malfunction.

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